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Getting Started

OK, so you’ve arrived at 360 Minutes and there are more posts than you want to read right now to become: (a) productive, (b) more productive, or (c) really productive. Or, maybe you’d just like an easy way to sort out the non-core content from the core productivity content. Well, that’s what this page is for.

The following posts are listed in the recommended order of reading to help you get started being more productive with less stress…so you can enjoy life. Check back periodically, because this page will be updated as additional content is posted.

Getting the most out of your 360…

The One Page Inbox

Inbox Interruptions

Processing, or Let’s Make Some Hole

Clean Up Your Mind!

The Door Can’t Always Be Open

Schedule Mercilessly

Daily Notes, or the Joy of Writing

Decide What’s Important

Cooldown Cycle

Tame the Filing Monster

Productivity, uninterrupted

TIMBO: Productive Pragmatism

Email Worth Reading

Making a Point Using PowerPoint

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