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About 360 Minutes

360 Minutes is Andrew Wargo IV’s blog about actions, projects, solutions, and an occasional miracle – maybe – to help reach greater effectiveness with less stress within whatever framework of time/workload/schedule management you employ. Be forewarned: YMMV. Mine does, and yours will, depending upon myriad factors in play at any one time: mood, health, level of busy-ness, and the quality and quantity of inevitable distractions and higher priorities imposed by They Who Must Be Obeyed.

There are approximately 360 usable minutes in an 8-hour workday. Why? Because you shouldn’t be working through lunch (60 minutes) and you should be taking breaks throughout the day.

There are far too many possible break times and lengths, so let’s just agree on principle to four 15-minute water/coffee/short meditation/prayer/walk-around-the-block breaks, shall we? So, that’s another 60 minutes, bringing us down to 360 in which we can be productive.

Could we argue – or have a constructive disagreement – over the fact that your workday is 9 hours…or 6…or something else so none of these suggestions apply? Of course we could, but we aren’t, because then I wouldn’t be making productive use of my time. If your workday is a different length for whatever reason, simply adapt the recommendations to your schedule.

About Andrew

I’m a Christian, a husband, and a father. I’m an ordained deacon, and a small-group ministry leader. I’m quite proud of being an Eagle Scout. I’m a frustrated novelist, perpetually working on several unfinished novels…and maybe a children’s book…maybe. I often have found, and still find, myself in desperate need of more time than I have available to accomplish everything that seems important. I must continually remind myself – and be reminded by those I trust – that everything is not equally important.

I have been a manager, a supervisor, an independent program evaluator, a graduate assistant, a volunteer fireman, a tractor driver, and a Boy Scout Leader. I also have worked on Capitol Hill, albeit briefly. I’m presently employed as a management professional.

I live near Washington, DC, with my wonderful family, several pets, and a yardfull of delightful wildlife. Applying the principles I discuss in this blog, more often than not with the help of a very patient and loving wife, an unrivaled confidante, and a world-class executive coach, enables me to enjoy these blessings far more than I used to.

For anyone still looking for credentials: I hold a graduate degree in International Relations and Comparative Politics. I hold a graduate certificate in Earned Value Management from the Project Management Institute College of Performance Management. I’m Kaplan & Norton Balanced Scorecard Certified ® .

Have fun. If you aren’t, find something else to do where you can.

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